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Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

You responded. Young and old, of every gender, straight, gay and every which way, from every corner of the world you said, 'Me too,' and 'Yes,' and 'More.'

In 2009, Cindy Gallop spoke at TED about her direct personal experience of technology's impact on hardcore impact on our sex lives and launched 

This is for YOU. - Of the people, by the people, for the people, is YOU in all your #realworldglory! isn’t porn. It isn’t ‘amateur’. It’s #realworldsex in all its funny, messy, wonderful, silly, beautiful, ridiculous, reassuring humanness!

Meet our MakeLoveNotPornStars!

Lily Cade

An insatiable couple of 7 years. He worships the ground she walks on and she’s incredibly giving. There really are no half-measures when it come to their #realworldsex.



A married couple from Ireland who have been together 16 years. They consider sharing their passionate #realworldsex to be a huge part of their lives.

A lesbian MLNPstar and #realworldpornstar who shares the explosive  #realworldsex she has off-set with her friends and #realworld girlfriend, Jess.


A young woman who fell in love with MLNP’s message of sexual freedom. She shares  joyful #metime videos as a way of sharing love with the world.

We curate, we decide:

Every video on is curated by Madam Curator, Sarah Beall, and her curatorial team to ensure our videos are consensual, porn-cliche free and contextualized!

People from around the world are sharing videos of their #realworldsex: not performative like porn, but real:


A voracious married couple from South of the belly button known for their cinematic treats!

A madly-in-love, hipster millennial couple known for their creative and steamy videos!



A millennial #realworldcouple who also happen to be #realworldpornstars. They shared the loving #realworldsex they have off-set in their everyday lives!


A married couple who share their #realworldsex as a way of challenging the conservative religious programming they were both subjected to growing up. is #realworld people - singles, couples, moresomes - capturing their #realworldsex the way it actually happens in their everyday lives. It’s folks from all walks of life - people just like you - sharing their love and their fun with our community and the world.

A 30-something couple from New York City who credit sharing their #realworldsex on with creating a 'sexplosion' in their marriage. They want to create a Kama Sutra for the modern age.

 A MLNPstar and #realworldgaypornstar. MLNP provides a unique outlet for Dale’s cinematic #realworldsex and a way for him to talk about the differences between #pornworldsex and 




 A 20-something Mexican couple who plan the filming of their #realworldsex videos with the same pleasure with which they plan their daily meals. They love getting it on outdoors.


Dale Cooper

A 30-something, hipster married couple 

from Brooklyn whose cinematic videos act like titillating postcards sent from their everyday #realworldsexlife. Expect indie rock and pegging. 

Modesty Ablaze


Richard Coyote

Annie Ochs

 A 40-something wife and mother from London who shares videos of the mind-blowing #realworldsex she experiences as part of her swinging lifestyle. 

 A Canadian married couple whose moody, rhythmic and cinematic 

#realworldsex videos have taken our community by storm. 

 A 20-something kinky, polyamorous queer who delights with creative, gender-bending #metime videos.

 A Canadian queer femme artist and self-described exhibitionist who shares her #metime on

Why pay to rent?

We surprise you. We give you ideas for your own #realworldsex. Shared watching with your partner = great conversations. Get to know our MakeLoveNotPornstars. Half of what you pay goes to the MLNPstars. 

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having #realworldsex

"Watching porn makes me want to jerk off. Watching your videos makes me want to have sex.” - 20-something male member of

"Rickat's video was great. Really good photography and artistic use of the mirror and different angles. It was obvious that there was love and tenderness between them. Hope to see more of their videos."

"I know this is probably one message among a thousand, but I felt the need to express myself—even if it isn’t received. I am a paying member of several pornography sites, and I joined your site with the intent of using it just like all the others. I watched one video, and I get it. I wanted to say thank you. I don’t know if it makes sense, but I sincerely feel like I owe a debt of gratitude to you guys. What I saw today was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t intend to be “converted”—if you will—but I have been."

"It's cool to be able to see people having sex as real people. Exciting but it also helps put things in perspective. Makes everyone involved more human. Giggling during sex, awkward body placement, being kind of noisy or kind of quite. It has a completely different feel than anything else I've seen. Keep it up :) And I'll keep coming back."

"In the 10+ years that i’ve viewed erotica online, your site is the first one i’ve paid for."

"Good Heavens, this is your first video?! I can't wait to see the next one!" - Feedback received by couplenextdoor.

Find what you're looking for and discover something new using our unique #realworld tagging language

Watch people from around the world from a diverse range of genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities.

Why submit your own?

It's fun. It's revelatory and transformative for you and your relationships. You can be anonymous. The minute you don't want your videos up any more, we take them down.

What our MLNPstars say:

"We’ve been married a very long time, and it can be easy to fall into a sexual rut, or comfort zone, and have the same sex over and over. Watching ourselves as we edit our videos, helped spark discussions about our “bedroom olympics”, our likes and dislikes, our preferences, which moves drive us crazy, and which moves are, well… “meh”. etc. It has made us better lovers, and we are continuing to grow closer and more intimate."

- AllenandtheJean, MLNPstars since 2013

"When I saw the notification “MLNP introduces our new stars TIGERLILY!” My heart nearly skipped a beat. I just gaped at the screen thinking, OMG! It’s happened! And then I saw our video sitting on your new edition page amongst all the others. I showed my wife and we just grinned at each other and then hugged. At that point we had 22 rentals, and we were like WOW!”

- TIGERLILY, MLNPstars since 2014

"I’ve been trying to understand what draws me to show myself so vulnerably to strangers online via MLNP. My answer so far is that it’s my personal revolution, my passionate attempt to even the playing fields. I want to offer something different, a man embracing his true sensuality and taking proud pleasure in his body and orgasms."

- lovesurfsing, MLNPstar since 2015

"Making our videos has also made us even more honest about what we want from each other sexually. We are more open and honest with each other than ever; we are comfortable sharing the most intimate of secrets and fantasies, even more than before, and we have some great times lying together watching our videos back, reflecting on the experiences we had filming and getting turned on all over again!"

- Redfox, MLNPstars since 2013

"I was more at ease after watching some of the submissions and realized that MLNP was this organic, grassroots-like venue for everyday people to openly express their love and sexuality in a non-judgemental environment. What finally motivated me was knowing that in some small way I have an opportunity to be a catalyst of cultural change."

- couplenextdoor, MLNPstars since 2015

"If you’ve never made a video with your partner, we can’t recommend it enough. But don’t just put a camera in a corner. Use it. Hold it. Move with it. Watch as you film. Take your partner in, focus on the details, focus on the breathing, focus on the silences, focus on the little hairs, the eyes open eyes closed eyes open eyes really open. It’s not just capturing a moment, it’s capturing what words can’t capture about the moment."

- Violet+Rye, MLNPstars Since 2012

"I love that there is a loving place like this where regular and fascinating people can share their love of sex with the world. It is so interesting to watch and see the people being people!"

- Corkle, MLNPstar since 2014

"One of the things we LOVE about MLNP, is that people didn’t always have to show their faces. They could hide their identity by wearing masks, or through careful editing." 

- AllenandtheJean, MLNPstars since 2013

"We feel like we are in the secret club of some sort and it gives us a thrill each time we turn the camera on to record something. Sharing our #realworldsex on has led to a SEXPLOSION!"

- Rickat, MLNPstars since 2015

"We are very proud of our love and have always wanted to find a community of people who can enjoy real love and real sex, and feel inspired to enjoy human bodies and feelings openly and naturally and realistically. Also, we wanted to feel inspired through real people like us from all over the world."

- LoveandLasagna, MLNPstars since 2013

"If you are thinking about sharing your #realworldsex vids online, look no further than We have had nothing but good feelings and feedback."

- Colin/Gray, MLNPstars since 2015

"We’ve been talking about how unexpectedly much we enjoy sharing our sex with the community, it’s surreal. The experience has made us reflect on many aspects of our relationship, sexuality and life in general. We’ve always considered ourselves very open and receptive, but this has definitely took us to a new level."

- LoveandLasagna, MLNPstars since 2013

"Making our video was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

- havingfun, MLNPstars since 2012

Being a MakeLoveNotPorn member says you're good in bed because you know what really matters in #realworldsex. Who else do you know who would enjoy us and find us helpful? Tell them/gift them a video.

What our members are saying:

"I hope I manage to convey a bit of the fresh breath you guys gave me of LOVE AS IT CAN REALLY BE IN THE REAL WORLD. I wanna hug and kiss you guys for the GIFT you gave to all the lucky people who get to watch you two showing us your love, more naked and vulnerable than your bodies will ever be." 

- Feedback received by Asphyxia<3Danny.

"I am so thrilled to actually be able to go to a site and watch a real couple having real sex. It is very hard to find porn that isn’t fake boobs and plastic women and most of the porn we find together we spend more time making fun of the actors than actually enjoying the experience together."

"When my wife and I watched your video we ended up having the first proper sex we've had since our child was born 3 years ago. This has been fantastic for both of us and its all thanks to you." 

Feedback received by MLNPstar Modesty Ablaze.

"MLNP is such a wonderful way to appreciate love and sex without the stuff that makes you feel inadequate, as if you are watching someone being abused and engaging in something brutal – please pass on much appreciation and thanks and please help more people to be educated about this site. Overall thanks for improving my self esteem and giving me something to happily share with hubby who feels the same."

"I love the idea of paying real people to share their experiences. But more than that, I appreciate how respects me as a viewer and participant by allowing me to discover what I want to watch instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator of shock and awe. That’s why I tell my friends, “you get what you pay for”.

"Just watched my first video here, of Redfox. Beautiful session and very real lovely couple. This is a fantastic site."

"I am a member of several porn sites, and I joined your site with the intent of using it just like all the others. I watched one video, and I get it. What I saw today was absolutely beautiful."

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